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January 20-22nd 2017

2016 Club Members Free all other $20.00 Per Team. 2016 Club Members use Coupon Code: FOR 2 MEMBERS USE FOX2017 FOR ONE MEMBER USE FOX1MEMBER at check out.  We will check to see if you where a 2016 Member

Must Be signed up by January 19th 2017

Weigh in at 3:00pm on Sunday the 22nd @ 1259 Bray Rd. Arcade, NY 14009 

Prizes : 1st $500 in prizes 2nd $100 in prize 3rd $50 in prizes

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  • No Frozen Fox (we will be checking liver temps if need be)
  • 2 Heaviest Red or Grey Fox Win
  • Must Be taken in NY by a NY State Resident with a NY Hunting License
  • No Trapped Animals
  • Must Kill within Contest Dates
  • All Contest Decisions of are Final
  • No Cheaters Welcome
  • We will be using the Kill Block method to stop cheating
  • 1.)Each team with need 1"X1"x4" wooden block for each fox they kill.
  • 2.) You will need a black sharpie
  • 3.) text 716-353-0839 at 11 pm on Thursday night for you 5 digit code. Please include team members full name.
  • 4.) immediately after killing a fox you must put your kill block with 5 digit code in the fox mouth all the way to the back and zip tie or duck tape the jaw closed. I
  • 5.) At weigh in if the kill block falls out after zip tie our duck tape is removed that fox in disqualified and so are you.
  • This video will help you with KILL BLOCK method

  • Past Winners
  • 2016 Dave Muir and Mike Eshborn  Weight 25.1 Lbs
  • 2015 Joel Nicholas & Brock Stadler 16lbs. 13 oz.
  • 2014 Dave Muir and Mike Eschborn , Tyler Jennings Weight 24.2 Lbs.
  • 2013 Dave Muir and Mike Eshborn  Weight 24.2 Lbs
  • 2012 Vinner Karlus and Tyler Jennings

     2016 Dave Muir and Mike Eshborn  Weight 25.1 Lbs

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    2015 Winners Joel Nicholas
     & Brock Stadler 16lbs. 13 oz.

    Fox Bowl Winners Ad 1170x430



     2014 Fox Bowl Champ Are Crowned Dave Muir and Mike Eshborn ,

    Tyler Jenning Take home the top prize with a Winning Weight of 24.2 Lbs

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